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Fce cae writing how to introduce a character

In our country carrots are grown up everywhere. It is consumed in the raw, in cookery and the canning industry. In pharmaceutical industry it is used for receiving pro-vitamin A (­. Carrot juice has a medical and dietary. Carrots are rich with sugars, nitrogenous substances, contain salts of iron, calcium and phosphorus. It is a lot of in it as well Bi vitamins, 82, S, etc. From seeds of carrots receive a preparation which use at coronary insufficiency.

The history of world plant growing of the last centuries demonstrates huge and quite often crucial role of the correct introduction of the new cultivated plants. So, the countries of USA, Australia, Canada constructed the agriculture almost completely on an introduction of foreign plants and animals.

In seed-growing farms high-quality seeds of, melon cultures and fodder root crops to certain reproductions. The high-quality seeds received from elite are called as the first. The seeds of the first reproduction multiplied in a seed-growing network. give the second reproduction. reproduction is called as the third.

Selection of matochnik is made along with cutting of leaves. The, patients damaged, who lost the turgor, nedogona and plants which formed a stalk reject atypical for a grade. bevelling of a tops of vegetable on seed-growing squares is not allowed. The exit of matochnik makes 70% and more.