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Total number of the working decreased on 1341 persons or by 13,7% due to restructuring of the company, and reduction of fund of compensation was insignificant and made only 1,9% therefore the average salary grew by 11%.

The intensive use of the fixed business assets is characterized by set of indicators of work of fleet. Coefficients of loading and use of loading capacity of vessels, coefficient of ballast run, coefficient of average daily operational vessel speed belong to such indicators. The generalizing natural indicator of work of fleet is productivity of one ton of deadweight per day of operation.

The low coefficient of updating and its tendency to decrease, and also high coefficient of leaving testify to insufficient replenishment of shipping company balance fleet and this circumstance can have an adverse effect on increase in carrying ability of shipping company.

the line join in structure of cost of transportations. They are intended for a complete recovery of fixed assets, i.e. replacement of old funds new. The complete recovery is carried out by capital construction.