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The concept of a relative technological level is used for comparison purposes an absolute technological level of a product. Proceeding from different base, it is possible to receive different value of its relative level for the same product.

One of effective solutions of a problem of an intensification of production, increase of labor productivity, acceleration of social and economic development, universal improvement of quality of production is.

t error – Heating of the machine, tool and a detail in the course of cutting, and also external thermal influence lead to elastic deformation of technological system and, as a result, to emergence of a temperature error.

When using machines with ChPU processing accuracy owing to an exception of influence of the mistakes caused insufficient qualifications of workers increases. Especially effective use of machines when processing difficult details with difficult step or curvilinear contours.

Boring the tool – As a rule consists of a mandrel and the cutting elements in the form of a cutter or a reztsovy insert. It has to have the small diameter, and the smallest length allowed by the opening sizes. The increase in length reduces rigidity and lowers productivity and quality of a surface.

In system of automatic control of parameters of the processed detail the control unit has two measuring supports supplied with sensors of a variation of function of a profile, and one power which has drives of progress and reciprocating movements. The system is supplied with filters, delay blocks, the adder, the converter of control of the reciprocating drive.

Other part of the factors influencing the accuracy of processing is the reason of the casual errors leading to dispersion of the sizes of details within a tolerance zone. Casual errors arise owing to fluctuation of sizes of allowances in various details, various parameters.

Fast-working in shifts and interchangeability of the tool provide reduction of equipment downtimes during the replacing of the tool and change-over of the machine. It is provided with the special auxiliary tool with precision surfaces.

The direction of the tool on the konduktorny plug is more widespread in instrument making. But application of such method is limited to the small depth of cutting (2-3 ) with which increase the tool loses rigidity.

The design of the tool should not interfere with effective removal of shaving from a processing zone, and also provide a minimum of losses of time for installation and adjustment. Also high precision under settings of the tool for the size has to be provided.

In engineering practice concepts an absolute and relative technological level are used. The concept an absolute technological level serves for the quantitative characteristic of useful property of a product. The absolute technological level characterizes quality of a product from the point of view of its technical capabilities.

Mills - It is recommended to apply face mounted mills with plug-in knives from quick cutting steel of a firm alloy. Such design excludes a napayka and sharpening of plates of a firm alloy, thereby providing the increased firmness of the cutting edges.

When processing on mnogoshpindelny machines of four and more openings, application of manual giving is irrational, in a type of increase in axial efforts and unevenness of giving. In this regard special multiposition machines with the pneumatichydraulic drive gained distribution. On such machine processing of the details having radially located openings in the Readjustment of the Machine planes, various on height, is possible consists in change of the conductor, tightening grips, drills and installation of drilling heads under the corresponding corner.

Modular machines unite the best qualities of special and universal machines: simplicity of a design and high efficiency, possibility of fast readjustment, possibility of repeated use of the same knots for creation of machines of various design.

On machines with ChPU with automatic change of the tool blocks consisting of the cutting and auxiliary tool apply tool equipment which basis the universal unified subsystem of the auxiliary tool intended for machines of various models forms.