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In a command management system planning at the enterprise carried out a role of the instrument of statement of tasks to divisions and distributions of resources between them for realization rigidly from above are more whole. It also was a control device and estimates of and created a basis for work incentives of workers: enterprises. Its main characteristic feature - a directivity reflected the concept of economic planning as uniform system of plans, each of which has to perform precisely the tasks ordered it and ensure thereby trouble-free operation of all economic mechanism.

carry all organizations and institutes which are engaged in such progressive and quickly developing sphere of human activity as information technology to the fourth sector. This sector was created rather recently, but its value and potential grow with such speed with which information role in management of big and difficult systems around the world increases.

Important point of a goal-setting is modeling not ­ hierarchies of the purposes, but also their dynamics in aspect of development for the period of time. The dynamic model is especially useful when developing the long-term plans of the enterprise realizing its strategy.

Are grouped in the sizes of the organization on large, average and small. As classification signs of such division most often use such criteria, easily available to the analysis, as number occupied, sales volume (turn) and balance cost of. But because any of them does not give enough strong reasons for reference of the organization to this or that group, put a combination of criteria into practice.

The organizations even more often address to methods of strategic planning and management, considering sudden and sharp in environment, in technologies, in the competition and the markets as reality of the modern economic life demanding new methods of management. Respectively also structures of an in which the preference is given to decentralization change; mechanisms adapt to identification of problems and development of new decisions, than to control of the already more. Maneuver in distribution of resources is appreciated above, than a in their expenditure.

Planning — is a type of the administrative activity connected with drawing up plans of the organization and its components. Plans contain a list of that has to be made, define the, resources and time of performance of work necessary For achievement of goals. Respectively, planning includes:

As a rule, the organizations put and realize not one, and some purposes which are important for their functioning and development. Along with strategic objectives and tasks they should solve enormous quantity current and quick. Except economic they are faced by social, organizational, scientific and technical tasks. Along with regularly repeating, traditional they have to make decisions on unforeseen etc.

The second, not less important problem of function of an organizovyvaniye — a of conditions for formation of such culture in an which is characterized by high sensitivity to, scientific and technical progress, values, uniform for all organization. Here the main thing — is work with the personnel, development of and economic thinking in consciousness of heads, support of the workers of an enterprise warehouse inclined to creativity, innovations and the problems of the enterprise which are not afraid to risk and take the responsibility for the decision.

In relation to profit of the organization are subdivided on and noncommercial. The first pursue generation of profit as a main objective of the activity, the second do not seek to or share the got profit between participants, but can carry out business activity when it serves achievement of the objectives for the sake of which they are created, and to these purposes.

Situational approach to management, recognition of importance of speed and adequacy reaction, adaptation to conditions of a of firm under which the of production becomes the second plan.