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Regional patent department - the patent department authorized by member countries of the regional agreement to make legally significant actions concerning demands and security documents on objects of PS.

After two months from the date of receipt of the demand Patent department carries out according to it formal expertize. According to the written petition of the applicant formal examination can be begun before the expiration of the specified term. In this case the applicant from the moment of submission of the petition loses the rights for corrections and specifications of documents of the demand on the initiative without payment of duty.

The additional - the invention representing improvement of another, earlier proposed solution or even its parts which cannot be used without its application. The additional invention is connected with the basic both legally, and technically.

- volume models - represent composition which cornerstone the developed three-dimensional volume and spatial structure is (forms, for example, the art and design decisions defining appearance of a chair of a newsstand, the telephone set, etc.);

For recognition of the decision useful model not obligatory existence of inventive level (i.e. the qualitative level of the creative idea concluded in the invention). In this parameter distinction between inventions and useful models is carried out. Useful models are called often "small inventions".

The invention has the inventive level if it for the expert explicitly does not follow from equipment level. The sense of this condition is explained in Rules: "The invention admits corresponding to a condition of inventive level if the decisions having the signs coinciding with its distinctive signs are not revealed or such decisions are revealed, but popularity of influence of distinctive signs on the technical result specified by the applicant is not confirmed".

The second category - the inventions opening themselves new generations of objects of equipment or even a new type of equipment. Replacement of mechanical television electronic, alternation of generations of the COMPUTER, etc. can be an example. It though not really big group of inventions (no more than several percent, however the very important. These inventions are very competitive (and usually for the long period of time), but for the realization demand a lot of time and means. They are based usually on further development of inventions of the first category.

As inventions such objects of equipment as devices, ways and substances, and also their application on appointment, new to these objects, can receive patent protection. Besides new strains of microorganisms can be object of the invention also.

As useful model the production equipment, products, production subjects, configuration of products, and also their parts are, as a rule, protected. Besides, as useful model the form and an arrangement of parts of a product, electric circuits if they carry out technical functions can be protected.

- the combined - are characterized by the signs inherent in both volume, and plane samples, for example, the art and design decisions defining appearance of ware on which drawing is executed; the footwear having a decor; construction finishing tile, etc.

Consideration of the demand for an industrial sample includes two stages - a stage of formal examination of the demand and a stage of examination in essence. Submission of the petition for carrying out examination in essence is not required. Check of an industrial sample on its compliance to conditions of patentability begins at once upon completion of formal examination.

If the applicant presented additional materials according to the demand, in the course of examination is checked, whether they change essence of the declared invention. Additional materials change essence of the declared invention if they contain the signs which were absent in initial materials of the demand subject to inclusion in a formula of the invention. Additional materials in the part changing essence of the declared invention by consideration of the demand are not taken into account and can be issued by the applicant as the independent demand.

The first category - inventions (but not opening which are not literally technical solutions) which on the value open themselves absolutely new direction in technical progress (for example, the invention of radio). Most often such inventions are created on the basis of the made discoveries. The number of such inventions is small.