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Development of uniform rules and mechanisms of coordination of activity of all subjects of the market of innovations on a mutually advantageous basis of cooperation on interests at different stages of an innovative cycle. Expansion of reproduction of innovations and expansion of operation of this mechanism on other spheres of activity has to turn out to be consequence of it.

The third, wider sector - where the country had no sufficient scientific reserve and innovative potential and where more effectively to use the foreign potential especially as restriction on export of high technologies to us gradually are weakened or decrease. It is necessary to understand that now any country in the world is not able to develop all scale of the directions of modern science and equipment; it is more reasonable to rely on the international division and labor co-operation in this sphere.

One of features of the exchanges of intellectual property is that if at usual commodity exchange its function is limited to operations of purchase and sale and the further destiny of the sold goods does not interest her, the exchange of intellectual property provides "maintenance" of the technical solution realized with its assistance to a stage of a mass production and is sold production made on its basis, in every possible way promoting acceleration of this process.

In order that the scientific organization could pass to work in the conditions of the market, it is necessary to carry out a complex of a preparatory work. And it have to be not single actions, but some system which has to help to pass to work in the conditions of the market in the beginning, and to be fixed further in it.

The key to an exit from an economic crisis lies in development based on large inventions of basic innovations providing transition to new generations of equipment in the leading sectors of economy. It is possible to carry out technological revolution only on the basis of inclusion in world innovative process, search and development of technological and market niches, relying on strategy of "a laser beam", providing a patentozashchishchennost of competitive production.

Formation of strategy happens taking into account the existing conditions, own interests of innovations of the enterprise, prospects of development of innovative processes on long prospect. It is caused by the following reasons:

Theoretically there are two approaches. It is possible to go on the way of acquisition of licenses and a know-how to known technologies, types of production and trademarks of the large foreign companies. Other way – a support on own scientific and technical potential, considerably unclaimed today the domestic industry. He is more perspective from many points of view, however demands overcoming of a number of financial and organizational and administrative barriers.

The innovation is not single action, reproduction processes in economy have to have constant character therefore all innovative actions have to be interconnected not only technologically, but also on time.